Recap of what I wore this week. 7 outfits in 7 days. Week of 7/16 – 7/22/17


Pic of the week!  Me and Sebastian.  He is doing what he does best during the day and still looking adorable (I think).

On Sunday I did a photo shoot highlighting a plain white cotton undershirt. It’s actually my Step-son’s tee.  I’m showing that you can wear it dressed up or dressed down.  These pics will be published soon on Jodie’s Touch of Style blog,  If you aren’t already, you should follow her for fashion inspiration!

Dressed up:  Wearing a black tulle maxi skirt from Forever 21, Obi belt from Amazon, a couple pearl necklaces, a furry black clutch from DSW and black pumps.

Dressed down:  Wearing a distressed denim skirt from H&M, a blue bandana, fedora, and yellow flip flops that were my Mom’s.  I got them after she died a year ago, so they are pretty special.

The third shot is using the bandana in my hair rather than around my neck.  Just another way to wear a bandana!


Sunday evening I picked out 5 items to wear in 5 days.  I’m participant with other IG Fashionistas in the 5X5 Summer Challenge.  I picked out 5 pieces of clothing to make five outfits for the week – Monday through Friday.  You’ll see the pieces hanging behind me in the picture above.

PS. I probably won’t be wearing these pieces again for awhile after this week. 🙂


Monday:  Day 1 of the 5X5 Summer Challenge.

I’m wearing a red blouse with cut out detail at neckline from Stitch Fix with black ponte pants, a Murano Italy glass necklace, Murano Italy red statement ring and red, purple and black suede heels from DSW.  The shoes make this outfit!

Tuesday:  I wore white skinny distressed jeans from Express with an adorable black tee with laced up sides and a tie from H&M.  The second picture is proof these skinny jeans are high waisted. 🙂   I’m wearing amazing flats are from Zara and a black, white and cream statement glass necklace from Murano, Italy.

Wednesday:  I wore the red blouse from Stitch Fix with the neckline cut outs with white distressed skinny jeans from Express.  I wore leopard print wedges and a statement necklace from Murano, Italy.  Another murano glass necklace from our trip last April.  I bought several – I was totally taken with the jewelry there! Guess you can tell….

Thursday:  I introduced my 5th item for the week – a grey tunic tee with an asymmetrical hem from H&M. I wore the black ponte pants and black sandals from H&M.   I chose a statement bib silver necklace from Chico’s to finish it off…  and a marigold flower.

Friday:  I wore the black ponte pants and the black tee with tide lacing and ties from H&M.  I really like this tee.  It comes in white too.  It’s really comfortable and adds just enough style and fashion to a plain black tee!  I’m wearing my black furry flip flops by Steve Madden from Marshalls and a silver spike necklace and silver cuff bracelet.

Overall, I like more variety in my outfits for the week.  It wasn’t inspiring or exciting to wear the same 5 items for 5 days.  It was a time saver to have 5 outfits already picked out for each day of the week.  And I think it’s a great idea for a trip.  I don’t see myself doing this again for a work week.


Friday night:  Friday was my hubby’s birthday!  Here we are hanging out at the house enjoying a beautiful night and sunset.

Saturday morning:  I did a photo shoot showing a swimsuit cover up in the form of a pair of cotton pants.  I’ve had these several years, I think I bought them at Marshalls. Most often you see tunics or long shirts as a swimsuit cover up.  I thought these pants were different, flowy and fun, especially when balanced out with a big sun hat like this one from H&M.


Saturday:  Sebastian cooling off in the baby pool!  He is very serious about this.

Saturday night:  I wore a summer sweater with a black satin ball cap to the local shopping area.  We shopped a little and then had a beer commemorating my step-son’s 21st birthday.  This necklace is a gift from my husband, it says love, peace, beer.  Seemed appropriate for the evening!

Hope you had a good week last week.    Thank you for reading and following me with this new blog.  Any suggestions and comments are welcomed.  XOXO  Cindy

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