A sentence a day…December, 2017

It’s the first Thursday of the month, and this is when some of us bloggers, recap the previous month with a sentence every day!

Read and see how my December month went.  Warning a very sad moment ahead…

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December 1, 2017.  Work and home afterwards.  Nothing too special jumps out about this day.  I’m thankful for this routine just the same.

December 2, 2017.  I walked/jogged 4.5 miles.  Then had a quick photo shoot.  Hubby and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Ramen restaurant in Lafayette, CO.  Delicious food! Then we came home and watched a funny movie, Slow Learner.

December 3, 2017.  I went shopping for Christmas gifts and even bought a few for myself. 😉  Then got ready for the work week by preparing outfits for the week.


Can you see the coyote crossing the field behind our house – look in the middle of the picture?

December 4, 2017.  5 new hires starting today at work. Orientation and on-boarding kept me busy.  Enjoyed a nice night with my hubby and ate some delicious soup Dray made.

December 5, 2017. I decorated our Christmas tree and the living room.  Fun!


December 6, 2017.  Played 4 games of Mahjong with the neighborhood ladies after work. I won one game.

December 7, 2017.  Decorated for Christmas a little more last night and cleaned up around the house.  Sebastian has not been feeling good.  Not eating and losing weight.  I’m worried.

December 8, 2017. Holiday party at work – it was a lot of fun.  We had a game that we all competed in.   We had to throw bean bags thru large hand drawn pictures of our Senior Leaders’ mouths.  Our team wore santa hats!  Employees were really into it and we had a healthy competition.

December 9, 2017.  Went to our neighbors house for their Bacon, Biscuits and Bloody Mary’s annual holiday celebration.  Attended the ELife Magazine holiday celebration.  Then went to my friend’s 65th birthday celebration at Rio Grande in Boulder.  She rented out the event room upstairs and had lots of friends attending.  Afterwards about 10 of us  went dancing for a couple hours.  Lots and lots of fun!

December 10, 2017.  Slept in until 11:00 am, which isn’t that late when you go to sleep at 3:00 am!  ha!   Grocery shopping and preparing for the week.  Sebastian isn’t doing well at all.

December 11, 2017. Took Sebastian to the vet first thing.  We had to say goodbye to our faithful furry friend after 9.5 years.  He was so weak.  Our vet thinks he had a tumor in his stomach.  He went peacefully.  I cried and cried all day.  Remembering when Dray and I picked him out 9.5 years ago, just a tiny 4 week old.  We loved him so much.  He was the sweetest doggy.  I miss him so much. He was loyal companion.

My friends, the Real Housewives of Vista Ridge came over that evening as we had planned a dinner/gift exchange party.  It was a nice diversion for a few hours.  They all knew and loved Sebastian too.


December 12, 2017.  Made it through the work day without crying. Definitely could tell I wasn’t totally present.  My heart misses Sebastian.  And my eyes are all swollen.

Dray’s manager and family came over for dinner.  I made Weight Watcher’s Italian Turkey Spaghetti Squash Pie for dinner.  I also made Weight Watchers Frozen Peanut Butter Cups for dessert.  She is on Weight Watchers too.  Both recipes turned out really good.

December 13, 2017.  First night at home, by myself, without a dog…in 32 years.  I was a bit apprehensive all day just thinking about it.  I made a conscious decision to minimize my time at home alone, I went shopping at Marshall’s after work.  Although no excuses are needed.  Right?   I got a few Christmas gifts and a couple of things for me.  🙂   After I got home I made Weight Watcher’s banana bread recipe and talked to my hubby on the phone.  I surely missed my Sebastian.  Day by day, I’ll get used to this new no doggy phase.

December 14, 2017.  I went shopping again for about an hour after work for more Christmas gifts.  This time…nothing for me.  🙂   Then I went to a friends house to watch fire works at the club house for a holiday party. I got to hold a neighbors new puppy.

December 15, 2017.  We attended a friends get together after work.  There were about 8 couples attending.  It was so much fun!  Her toy poodle was adorable…with/without pearls.

December 16, 2017.  Photoshoot with neighbors new 12 week old weimaraner.  Dray and I enjoyed our evening listening to music for hours while snuggling in the basement. Music ranged from hip hop, to Christian, to Christmas music.  He even played his violin to several songs.  We’ve got this relaxing thing down!

December 17, 2017.  Another relaxing day around the house.  In fact, we never left the house!  We enjoyed a couple movies while snuggling on the sofa together.  No shopping this weekend.  Nice to not be a part of the holiday madness.


December 18, 2017.  Geez, the post office line the week before Christmas.  Hope they like what I’m sending!!

December 19, 2017.  Finally organized my closet after work.  Got the step ladder in there and touched almost every item of clothing.  Yes, I have too much.  Yes, I love them all.  Yes, I wish my closet was bigger.  Yes, I am blessed.  Yes, I have to organize my closet once a month.  Guess I can get sloppy…

December 20, 2017. Beautiful sunny day in the 60’s.  Went to work and then home.  Thankful and blessed.


December 21, 2017.  What a difference a day makes!  Today…it snowed!  Yay!  I love shoveling the snow, walking in it and playing in it!   Yes, I got wet and cold in this one minute photo shoot!


Snow plows haven’t been on this road!  Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go!

December 22, 2017. Frozen trees and bushes this morning were so beautiful to see!

Got to see my favorite baby boy again today…and his Mommy!

Friday night we enjoyed a fun get together at a friends house. They even got everybody to join in and sing a Christmas carol!

December 23, 2017.  Grocery shopping and wrapping gifts for Christmas.  Then it started snowing!

December 24, 2017. Dray’s two youngest boys arrived for Christmas break.  Let the fun begin!  First I must shovel the driveway!

Yes,  it was a cold start!  Can’t believe I actually worked up a sweat in 2 degrees!


December 25, 2017.  Fun day enjoying family time, playing in the snow and a delicious turkey meal, thanks to Dray!   I made a couple sides. He is the REAL cook.   🙂


Mr. Coyote hunting behind our house.  He doesn’t get Christmas Day off!


Dray and his boys enjoying the snow and hot tub before Christmas dinner.  Yes, they made the Christmas angels wearing only their swim shorts!


Me & Marshall.  Love his grin!


Dray shouldn’t leave me alone with his phone! 😉

December 26, 2017.  My Dad’s 87th birthday today!  He is doing fantastic! Living his best life!  These are a couple pics from his trip to Colorado to celebrate my birthday in September.


December 27, 2017.  We got solar panels installed today!  After work the family went Rocky Mountain Ramen to eat dinner.  So delicious!  Then we all watched a movie.

I got a call that my Dad fell and was taken to the ER for stitches on his temple.  My heart hurt for him!  He got 6 stitches and thankfully is doing fine.


December 28, 2017.  A good day!  Work and home.  Thankful and blessed.

December 29, 2017.  We had a sandwich pot luck at work with the skeleton staff working.  It was fun to share lunch with co-workers.

December 30, 2017.  A little house cleaning, a little relaxing.  Nice day at home with the family.

December 31, 2017  Another day of some house cleaning, putting some Christmas decorations away, and some relaxing.  We watched The Mountains Between Us movie last night.  It was good! Also watched the NYE Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest – really disappointing on every level.

Happy New Year!  🎆 🍾🥂







13 thoughts on “A sentence a day…December, 2017

    • Yes, he is a tough guy and doing very well. He did get 2 black eyes! Thanks for your heartfelt comments about Sebastian. I still miss him so much. He was the sweetest boy ever. I appreciate your support and comments. xo Cindy


    • It was really fun. We had teams of 5, each had 3 tries to get the bean bags in their mouths. Then we had a play off with the 2 winning teams – at a further point away from the target. Everybody got really into it! Have fun!


  1. I am a new reader and you can tell from my ID that I love pooches! So sorry to hear about your Sebastian. He was beautiful. Pets become such a large part of our families and lives. Horrible that their span is so short, but they sure make a big impact in a small time!

    Good for your dad for staying active (mine is 87, too 🙂


  2. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your much loved dog, it’s always hard to fill in the time when they’re no longer around. Your month sounds like fun apart from that and I love the snow angels and hot tub in the snow. We’re sweltering in summer heat here and spent Christmas at the beach with white sand!


  3. Oh, sweet friend, I am so sorry that you had to say goodbye to Sebastian. One of the hardest things to do. So glad you have lots of photos and great memories to help you through this difficult time. We have remembered our pets from the past over the holidays with laughs and tears. They become so much a part of the family.

    Loved all of the snow pictures. So jealous. Hoping we will at least get one good snow before winter is over. The photo of your tree at night is so peaceful. And your holiday pjs are precious.

    Starting back on WW this coming week. Will finally be home for awhile and without a house full of company to cook for. Your turkey spaghetti squash recipe sounds interesting. Would love to have the recipe, hint, hint!!

    Hope your dad is on the mend, that you are bundled up warm despite the terribly cold temps. Happy new year.


    • We sure loved our Sebastian. We are getting adjusted, thank you. My dad is doing much better. He got his stitches out and is looking forward to his black eyes going away now. It’s scary when they fall. My mom died from falling 1.5 years ago. Thank you for your comments and support. Oh, I sent you the recipe via email. xo Cindy


  4. Your work party sounds fun! But I am really loving the Bacon Biscuits and Bloody Marys idea. That tulle skirt you are wearing is gorgeous! And although we also tried out the hot tub during the snow, we were not so brave to actually get out and make a snow angel. I guess I better add that to my bucket list. So sorry your Dad fell. Hope he is doing well now. I worry about my mama.
    🙂 gwingal


    • Yes, our neighbors have an annual Bacon Biscuits and Bloody Mary party. It well attended by about 100 people. They make it like an open house between 8-12:00 noon. I think they go through about 10 lbs or more of bacon! Brave or crazy to make snow angels in swimsuits??? My dad is doing good. He got his stitches out and is now looking forward to his black eyes going away. My mom died from falling 1.5 years ago. Very scary. xo Cindy


    • Hi Cheryl, yes, we are adjusting to life without a dog – I still find myself looking for him and thinking I hear him. Just yesterday I thought I heard his tail wagging and hitting the hardwood floors – like it did every morning when we come downstairs. Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoy your blog too! xo Cindy


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