What I wore 1/21/18 – 1/28/18

Sunday:  We got snow all night and all day!  It was so much fun to play in.  Dray is working the snow blower to clear the back deck…meanwhile I’m having fun!

Monday:  Wearing velvet leggings from Old Navy with a black turtleneck under a new crisp white dress shirt from Express.  The windowpane coat is about 8 years old and still a favorite, as are my black combat boots from Amazon.

Tuesday:  Wearing my Ugg boots adorned with pink skulls and sequins for this Tuesday Shoe Day! Also wearing a retro striped sweater from the Gap and a light gray scarf from Italy with colorful pom poms.  Jeans by Democracy from TJ Maxx (old).

Wednesday:  Leopard on leopard! Do you dare?  I love this faux fur leopard coat from Forever 21 (old).  I thought since the brown tones were near the same, it went perfectly with the leopard pixie pants from Old Navy (old).  Go big or go home!  The chambray shirt is from Old Navy too (old).  I’m wearing new light taupe, faux leather combat boots from Target.  Only $25 and comes in 4 colors.  Yay! Super comfy too!  Topping it all off with a brown leather tie choker.


Thursday:  I flew from Denver to Atlanta.  So I was comfy in jeans and black turtleneck sweater and a scarf.  Wore my lucky 4 leaf clover silver earrings by Andy Warhol and a glass ring from Murano, Italy for fun.

Friday:  I visited my niece’s home decor store, 53 Market, in Tate, GA.  I’m wearing a new Zara plaid dress/tunic with leather leggings by Trouve from Nordstrom (old) and black combat boots (old) from Amazon.  Wearing a necklace I borrowed from my sister.

Saturday:  No pictures today.  I’m pretty sure I have paint all over me!  I’m painting my Dad’s living room trim work.

Hope you are having a great week.  I love that I’m able to see my family when I fly to Atlanta.

Thank you for reading and following along with my blog.  I appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.

xo, Cindy

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