What I wore this week. 2/25/18 – 3/3/18

No pics for Sunday.  I was busy cleaning around the house in leggings and polar fleece.


Monday:  I wore a black silky dress from H&M (purchased for $4) and black fleece lined leggings, black sock boots and a black v-neck sweater over the dress.  All in black!  I didn’t take a picture today.  😦    Time got away from me.   I wore this pretty necklace, a gift from my sister.  Red lips were my pop of color.


Tuesday:  Color!  I wanted to wear tights, so I shopped my closet and this came together.  I’m wearing a grey long duster by Mudd, with a magenta turtleneck, and a grey skirt from Loft. It has pockets!  I’m wearing grey tights (the back of them are striped) by Vince Camuto with my grey wedge booties by Aldo.  The necklace is from Premier Jewelry and it was a gift from a friend.

Wednesday:  Another colorful day!  I’m wearing a new long cardigan from Free People.  It’s called the Equinox Cardi – available online for $149.  Originally $228.  I got it for $112 recently online when they were running a sale on sale items.   I’m wearing a black turtleneck and a faux leather olive skirt from Target’s Who What Wear collection (last year).  The bright pink tights and black suede sandals from H&M are both old.  I’m also wearing a bright pink vintage brooch.  I love this cardigan so much!  I love the whole outfit! BRB…I’m planning more bright tight outfits now.   🙂


Thursday:  Wearing a boho styled dress from Free People (bought last Spring).  I wore it with leggings and black sock boots by Mia from DSW.  The necklace is one I’ve borrowed from my sister.  Is it still considered borrowing if you’ve had it for 2 years…asking for a friend.  The floral headband is from H&M.


Thursday night:  Dressed up for a fundraiser.  Wearing a black faux fur jacket from Lulus, maxi length black pleated skirt from Nordstrom.  I’m wearing a burgundy and lace tank top (can’t see in this photo).


Friday:  I call this my travel uniform.  I’m wearing black leggings, black long soft tee from Loft and a black velour hoodie from Marshall’s.  I’m wearing black socks and black combat boots by Soda from Amazon.  This is my uniform because it is soft and warm – I’m usually cold on flights.  I also carry a scarf in my backpack in case I’m cold even with the hoodie on.

Saturday:  No pics.  We are visiting friends in Washington DC.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts this week.  I really appreciate you following along and please leave any comments/suggestions.

Much love.  xo


2 thoughts on “What I wore this week. 2/25/18 – 3/3/18

  1. I had to laugh at your “borrowing “ —-I’m thinking your sister has forgotten it so it’s probably yours now!!
    That cardigan is such a statement piece—so colorful and fun !!


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