Sentence of the Day – April, 2018

It’s the first Thursday of the month, and this is when some of us bloggers, recap the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  What a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  So read along to see how my April went!

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April 1, 2018.   Dray and I went to eat breakfast at 24 Carrot in Erie, Colorado.  Did lots of cleaning and organizing of closets as I joined the 30 Day Spring Cleaning Decluttering Challenge for the month of April.  The challenge is to organize an area each day of the month.  You are sent a list of areas to work on.  Hall closets was on the list.

April 2, 2018.  Dray’s two youngest boys arrive for a week of Spring break!

April 3, 2018. After work Dray and his boys went swimming at the heated pool at the Erie Rec Center and I walked for an hour on the inside track and then did some weight machines afterwards.

April 4, 2018.  Work and then home.  Thankful for both!


April 5, 2018.  I worked from home half a day, watched Marshall, so Dray and Jordan could go golfing.

April 6, 2018. It snowed! Not much but we need all the moisture we can get!

April 7, 2018. I went to Barre Fusion class then I mainly watched Marshall while Dray and Jordan were outside all day – making a fire in the pit, trimming bushes and cleaning up. Jordan enjoyed playing with the neighbors dog and target practice with a BB gun.

April 8, 2018.  Dray flew with the boys back to Georgia.  Spring break is over.  I walked with Laura from Modern Sage Designs for an hour, went grocery shopping and cleaned up around the house.  Trying to get to those areas on the list for the Spring Cleaning Decluttering Challenge.

April 9, 2018.  Woke up to a light dusting of snow. But the sun melted it within an hour.


April 10, 2018. Feeling so sick from new hormone replacement meds – headache and dizzy.  Doctor says to keep on them for one month and the symptoms should go away.  :{


April 11, 2018.  Met fellow blogger, Jodi from J’s Touch of Style, at another bloggers home, Lauren Kay Sims, to check out her sale of clothing, make-up, shoes, etc.  Then we enjoyed a nice dinner at Foolish Craig’s on Pearl Street in Boulder.

April 12, 2018.  A little grocery shopping together after work and then I gave Dray a massage.

April 13, 2018.  We enjoyed our friends, Lorie & Mark, over for dinner.

April 14, 2018.  I went to a Barre Fusion class and then I organized my closet and drawers for about 4 hours.  I was able to donate a huge bag of clothes to charity and I have a bag for an upcoming yard sale.  Dray and I went to Rocky Mountain Ramen for dinner.  Yum!

April 15, 2018.  Dray and I went to Denver Central Market and enjoyed a nice lunch. We loved seeing all the art in the RiNo district of Denver.


An evening walk on Sunday – love the dramatic sky.

April 16, 2018.  Busy day at work with Open Enrollment and Preventing Harassment training.  Dray made a wonderful dinner and I gave him a massage.


View from our back deck!


April 17, 2018.  WOW!  Did we ever have high winds today!  Lost power at work.  This is what I was driving thru to get home!  We had sustaining winds of 41 mph with gusts of 85 mph!  Of course it was trash day at home and all trash cans were blown down the street and trash was everywhere!  Our amazing neighborhood had it all cleaned up the next morning! Below is a picture of me trying to get our mail in this crazy wind! Hair raising event, huh?


April 18, 2018.  After work I cleaned the interior of my Jeep and pulled weeds in the backyard.

April 19, 2018. We went to see Dray’s coworker and friend that is in the active dying phase from inoperable brain cancer.  Our hearts are heavy.


April 20, 2018.  Our friend died this morning at 4 am.  😦

Happy birthday to my step-son Jordan.  He is now 15!


April 21, 2018. Woke up to a Spring snow! Dray and I went to the Erie Community Center.  I attended Barre Class he went to Body Pump.  Then we hit the hot tub before enjoying breakfast at a local restaurant called Rusty Melon.  We went to Denver for a seafood dinner at Bayou Bob’s and then saw Lewis Black live at the Paramount Theater.  Such a wonderful day!


Blurry…but cute.

April 22, 2018.  Dray and I went looking for golf balls behind our house.  Dray practices  from our back patio. I got in a 4.5 walk/run.  I walked 3 miles and ran 1.5 miles.


April 23, 2018.  Took Dray to the airport this morning for his annual golf trip, this year they are in Nevada.  We got to see this glorious sunrise!  I attended a class on How to respond to a safety threat and how to provide life saving assistance to a victim.  Hope I never have to use this training.


Spring is so pretty!


April 24, 2018. Woke up to a dusting of snow.  Actually snowed on/off all day, but it’s too warm to really stick.  It’s 40 degree high today.  Yay for moisture!!  Went to Barre Fusion class after work.

April 25, 2018.  I attended my first Body Pump class and I lived to tell you about it! ha!  I was scared not gonna lie.  😉

April 26, 2018. Walk/ran 4.5 miles.  Today I ran a little more – almost 2 miles running!

April 27, 2018. Walk/ran 4.5 miles.  Running a little more each time.

April 28, 2018.  Dray and I went to Erie Rec Center.  I attended a PiYo class.  Not my favorite class.  I worked in the yard a little and then watched 2 movies – Leap Year and The Other Woman, both were pretty good.


April 29, 2018.  Walk/ran 4.5 miles and pushed myself, best time so far.  Enjoyed happy hour at a neighbor’s.  Picture above was taken on my walk/run.

April 30, 2018.  Attended Body Pump class.  Really enjoyed it!  Took this picture while driving home.


Hope your April was happy.  Thank you so much for reading my April blog.  I appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.

xo, Cindy

8 thoughts on “Sentence of the Day – April, 2018

  1. You have been so active…you’re absolutely inspiring me. I’m looking into a yoga class that my mom might even come with us to!!
    And that wind….wasn’t it crazy??? At least you weren’t one of the cars on the side of the road….
    Thanks so much for meeting up—we have such a great time with you! And we will do it again with Dray one of these days.
    So sorry for your loss…it’s those events that make me realize i need to enjoy every day….


    • I plan on going to a yoga class this Saturday! I used to do yoga all the time and I can tell a big difference in my flexibility between now and then. Getting old and stiff! ha! Take care and thank you for commenting. xo, Cindy


  2. Your photos showing the high winds are amazing! I need to go to a bodypump class. Haven’t done one for 3 years but have rejoined a gym where they do them.


  3. Such fun seeing you and Jodie together in both of your posts. I know you had a great time together.

    I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. Glad you were able to be with him before he passed. That cancer is such bad business. I don’t know a single soul who hasn’t somehow been touched by that devastating disease.

    What a tremendous view you have, in snow and sun, dawn and dusk. We have had more than our fair share of wind, too. 60 mph gusts. Cannot keep the debris out of our pool. This week promises to be calmer but much hotter. Hoping I can finally dip my toes in the water.


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