Sentence a day – June, 2018

It’s the first Thursday of the month, and this is when some of us bloggers, recap the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  What a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Read along to see how my June went!

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June 1:   I mowed the front and back lawn after work.  Beautiful sky Friday night.

June 2:  I went to Body Pump in the morning.  Then we just enjoyed relaxing at the house all day.  Enjoying our new hammock.  We can relax like the best of them!


June 3:  I walk/ran 4.5 miles in the morning.  Then we hung out at the house.  We checked out the Velodrome that is near our house.  Watched Cleveland/Golden State basketball game.


June 4:  I ran/walked 4.5 miles after work.

June 5:  Dray left for a conference in NY, so it’s just me and the two boys for a few days.    I went to body pump after work.  Then picked up sushi for dinner.


June 6:  Watched Cleveland/Golden State basketball game with the two boys.

June 7:  Went to Body Pump after work.

June 8:  Dray came home from a work trip.  Watched Cleveland/Golden State basketball game

June 9:  Went to Body Pump first thing, then grocery and Costco.  Cleaned the house and did laundry.  Had a neighborhood family over for dinner.  Very productive day!


June 10:  Ran/walked 4.5 miles.  Mostly relaxed at the house with the family, and there is always cleaning up around the house.

June 11:  Took Jordan (15 years old) to Body Pump after work.

June 12:  Searched for king crab legs at 3 locations after work.  Finally found them and bought ALOT!

June 13:  Went to the gym and Body Pump class was cancelled.  😦     So…I went to the grocery store for a couple items and Daveco Liquor store for wine, champagne, etc.  Then I came home and cleaned up around the house and did some laundry.

June 14:  Had our neighbors and friends over for a farewell dinner as they are moving to Hawaii.  Dray made us a crab boil with king crab legs, potatoes, corn and sausage that was absolutely delicious!  We had a blast.

June 15:  Girls weekend has officially begun!  Me and 3 neighbors and friends drove to Glenwood Springs for the weekend.  We checked into Hotel Colorado, a historic hotel right downtown.  We walked around downtown, ate a late lunch at Tequilas Mexican restaurant, then took the tram to the top of the mountain.  We got drinks and appetizers at the hotel garden restaurant and listened to live music that evening.

June 16:  We got up early and headed to Iron Mountain Hot Springs. We were there upon opening.  We laid around and enjoyed the hot springs until 2:00 pm.  Then we were back at Tequila’s for a late lunch.  We got cleaned up and took the hotel shuttle to the Strawberry Festival.  Then we walked/shopped downtown Glenwood Springs before eating dinner at Juicy Lucy.  Then we enjoyed a quick walk to the hotel in the rain.  We had lots of laughs when I organized a photo shoot of us with our legs against the wall.

June 17:  We headed home early to be with our husbands for Father’s Day.  Got home around noon.  I gave Dray a 2 hour massage for Father’s Day.  We relaxed at the house all day and ate left overs from the crab boil.

June 18:  Back to work. Wishing for another day at home.  Went to Body Pump and took my step-son Jordan and my neighbor friend’s daughter.

June 19:  Ordered Indian food for dinner.  Yum.


June 20: Went to Body Pump class with my step-son Jordan after work.  Pick taken from my Jeep window.

June 21: Everyone was home and enjoying our family time.

June 22:  Went to our neighbors/friends going away party as they are moving to Hawaii.  We had a lot of fun…can you tell?

June 23:  Went to body pump class, cleaned, grocery shopped and enjoyed the family.


June 24:  Ran/walk 4.5 miles.  Felt like I had no energy after that.  I organized my closet a little and picked out my outfits for the week.  Dray cooked a wonderful meal – ribs, rice and 16 bean soup. I walked Marshall around in his stroller up/down the street while daddy mowed.  Beautify Sunday night sunset.  Picture above taken from our bedroom window.

June 25:  Attended Body Pump with step-son Jordan.  Dray and Marshall went to the pool at the community center while we took our class.

June 26:  Morning hot air balloon landed behind our house.  Pic taken from our back deck. Dray’s oldest son, Graham (age 21), arrived.  We all went to dinner at Rocky Mountain Ramen to celebrate his arrival.

June 27:  Jordan and I attended Body Pump after work.


June 28:  After work I cleaned up around the house while Dray and his boys hung a sun shade and let Marshall play in the baby pool.

June 29: I watched Marshall while Dray and his two boys went to see Kevin Hart live.


June 30:  Body pump class in the morning.  Lunch with Jodi from J’s Touch of Style and Lisa from Walking Cradle Company (and friends).  Then it was a trip to the grocery store and hanging out with the family.


The picture above is of the beautiful Boulder, Colorado Flat Iron Mountains.

Hope your June was memorable, if it wasn’t you could start writing a sentence a month to remember it more easily! Join the group – let me know if you are interested and I’ll connect you with our coordinator.

Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcomed.  Thank you for following along my month of June.

So for now…it’s Hello July!

xo, Cindy



16 thoughts on “Sentence a day – June, 2018

  1. OMG…that hammock—it’s so functional and stylish!!
    And girl—you are in the best shape ever—I feel like such a slug compared to you!! But I love how you got Jordan to go to body pump with you!! I would too—maybe??!!


    • I’m am working out harder than I ever have. I’ve never done weights before and honestly it scared me. But I may be addicted to this class. I’m hoping to start seeing some body changes soon! I’d love to actually see my muscles! ha! I’m loving Jordan that is going with me. He is loving it too. That hammock is awesome, yesterday Dray and I were both snuggling in it! 😉


  2. I always, always enjoy reading your sentences. I think of you as such a fancy lady and then see pictures of you just hanging out with the gals and having fun and it makes you seem very down to earth. Your photos are postcard pretty. Love the new hammock.


    • Your note made me smile! I’m so down to earth! I’m very simple in my desires. I’m definitely not a high-maintenance gal. You can usually find me with messy hair and no make up! I drive a Jeep Wrangle that is 18 years old and usually without the windows! I appreciate that I can look fancy! Thank you so much for reading my blog and providing your comments. I so appreciate you! xo, Cindy


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