Sentence a Day – July, 2018

It’s the first Thursday of the month, and this is when some of us bloggers, recap the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  What a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Read along to see how my July went!

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July 1:  I ran/walked 4.5 miles first thing.  Made a trip to Costco and cleaned up around the house. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at the house with the family.

July 2: Me and my step-son Jordan attended body pump class after work.  I haven’t mentioned this previously, but I work full time as a Human Resources Manager.

July 3:  The family walked to driving range to enjoy our subdivision fireworks show.

July 4:  Hung out at the house.  Dray cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs.  Lazy day overall.

July 5:  Day off – even though I worked for about an hour first thing in the morning.  Then I ran/walked 4.5 miles. Jordan and I tried to go to body pump class but we arrived too late.  We worked out with the weights a little.  I went to a neighbors house and a few of us girls watched the sunset, enjoyed a glass of wine and talked.

July 6:  Another day off from work.  I ran/walked 4.5 miles. Cleaned up around the house a little.  The whole family went to play 9 holes of golf.  Then we all went to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant and we took our neighbor and friend, Kathryn, with us.  Then a few of us girls sat on the back deck, watched the sunset and talked again.

July 7:  Body pump first thing in the morning.  Then I worked on organizing my closet and picking out outfits for next week.

July 8:  Did my 4.5 miles run/walk first thing.  Then I went for mani/pedi with 2 girlfriends/neighbors.  I never get manicures – so this seemed special to me.  But also special because this is our last day with our friend/neighbor, Kathryn, as she is moving to Hawaii tomorrow.  I made spaghetti and meatballs for the family.

July 9: Jordan and I went to body pump after work.

July 10:  We ordered pizza and enjoyed our last night with all 3 boys at the house for the summer.

July 11:  Body pump class after work.

July 12:  Me and a couple neighbors/girlfriends went to Tokyo Joe’s for a quick dinner and then we saw Oceans 8 movie.


July 13:  Work and then home. I ran to Home Depot to get paint for my weekend project.  Dray and I got in a little relaxing in the hammocks before dark.  Love our sunsets!

July 14:  Body pump class first thing.  Then I came home and work on an article for a local magazine about Fall trends.  I got my hair partially colored and trimmed.  Then Dray and I went for late lunch at a local diner.  We did some shopping at DaveCo, a huge liquor store near us (size of Walmart) and stocked up for our upcoming family and friends visiting us next month.  Then we got busy cleaning up around the house.


July 15:  I started painting immediately and didn’t stop until 2:00 pm.  I painted trim, some of the hallway and some of the mud room.  Still more to do!  Dray and I enjoyed a wonderful concert (Corrine Bailey Rae and Seal with the Colorado Symphony) at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Even though it rained and we got wet a little on the way to the venue, the sky cleared and we had the most amazing rainbow (picture above).



July 16: Body pump class after work.


July 17:  We went to our neighborhood Mexican restaurant and celebrated a milestone with our Facebook stock.  Then we came home and laid in our hammocks and took in the beautiful sunset (below).


July 18:  We met with our financial adviser, then I went to body pump class.

July 19: I worked from home the first half of the day so a sprinkler expert could come pay a visit.

July 20: Dray was recognized at Ball Corp for his 25 years of service at a wonderful event.  Afterwards, we hit golf balls at the driving range in our neighborhood.  Dray’s really good…I’m learning.

July 21:  My husband’s birthday! He played golf the first half of the day.  I went to body pump, home depot, got a manicure (again!!  I’m liking it), and baked chicken for him.  I also gave him a 2 hour massage.

July 22:  I painted most of the day.  I finished the hall way, mud room and half of a guest bedroom.  I ran out of paint…and energy.  😦

July 23: I got more paint and finished the guest room walls.  Need to paint the baseboards next.  I now have blisters.


July 24:  Had a wonderful dinner, farm fresh food and beer pairings dinner at The Post.  Our neighbor and friend, Kelli joined us!


July 25:  Good morning to the hot air balloon riders!  Picture taken from our bedroom window.


July 26:  I was up at 3:30 to catch at 6:25 flight to Atlanta.  Upon arrival I went to my niece’s store in Tate, GA, 53 Market (pictured above).  Had lunch with 2 of my sisters.  Then got to see my sister’s new home in Jasper, GA.  Then she took me to dad’s house where I made spaghetti for him, his brother and sister-in-law.  All throughout the day I got to spend time with my niece’s baby Charlee!

July 27: I modeled at Daisy’s Boutique in Jasper, GA.  Visiting my niece’s store again and then we all met up at Dad’s house for dinner.

July 28:  I painted Dad’s front porch.  Then Dad and I went to his neighbor’s son’s wedding.

July 29: I went to my sister’s house in Jasper, visited my niece’s store, 53 Market, again and got to see my sister’s cafe/gift shop (opening soon…still under construction) and my other niece’s pharmacy (under construction) in Tate, GA.  Yes, they are quite the entrepreneurs!  Then…we saw a bear in the residential neighborhood behind the Pharmacy!


July 30:  I drove to Dalton, GA to meet my sister, Karen.  We shopped and had lunch.  Even went to the Walgreens in Dalton to see my niece working there.  She is currently a floating Pharmacist at Walgreens.  I caught an early evening flight home to Denver.

July 31:  Back to work.

Thank you for reading my sentence a day blog for the month of July, 2018.  I appreciate you following along in my adventures and daily life.  I appreciate any comments.  I hope your month was memorable.

xo, Cindy

12 thoughts on “Sentence a Day – July, 2018

  1. First…I love to hear that you plan out your outfits ahead of time. I always did that too, but not as much now that I’m retired.
    I hope you share that article in the magazine that you are writing….how totally exciting!!
    And you’ve been quite the painting fool, haven’t you?? I always love the way paint can totally change the look of a place.


    • Yes, I’ve been painting a lot! I have another room or two to do before I say I’m “done”. I can’t wait to see your kitchen cabinets! Yes, I’ll share the fashion article! Thank you for your support and friendship. xo Cindy


  2. I always enjoy your fashion shoots when you go ‘home’ for a visit. What a family of entrepreneurs you are. Your niece’s shop has such cute things. Reminds me of a store in Lexington that I love to visit, Sugarboo. So many whimsical, fun pretties to buy!

    I like manicures, too, but rarely afford them for myself. Am hoping to get a pedicure this weekend. Enjoy those, too. Especially when they ru my legs with the sugar scrub.

    Love your sunset views. I think I would be out there every evening!


  3. What amazing photos – how lucky you are to have scenery like that.
    So much painting! (If you have any energy left, I have a whole list of rooms in our house that need a coat of paint …) You certainly had a busy month!


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