Sentence a Day – August, 2018

It’s the first Thursday of the month, and this is when some of us bloggers, recap the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  What a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Read along to see how August was for me!

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Sunset over the Rocky Mountains!


8/1:  Attended body pump class after work.

8/2:  Went to Raw Artists Showcase in Denver at The Church.  We were attending in support of Dray’s co-workers daughter, Lucy Snow.

8/3:  Work and then home to prepare for family visiting.


8/4:  Dray’s Mom and neighbor/friend visited us from Florida. We took them Orchard Mall to enjoy live music and then to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner.

8/5:  We explored Falstaff Mountain in Boulder and the Boulder Canyon.  Dray made a home cooked meal for us that night.  We all watched the sunset from the back deck.

8/6:  I took the ladies shopping most of the day and then we all enjoyed a Mexican dinner.

8/7:  Back to work and then home to prepare for more family visiting.

8/8:  Dray’s nephew and his girlfriend arrived from Florida.  We took them to Pearl Street in Boulder where there was so much activity – a live band, a beer festival and lots of people!

8/9:  After work, Dray made ribs for us.  We all sat on the deck and watched the sunset.

8/10: We enjoyed a nice dinner at home with family.


8/11:  I took Dray’s nephew, Joe and girlfriend to see Boulder Flat Irons and exploring sights along  Boulder Creek.  Notice the rock climber in the picture above – way above their heads.  Then we went to our neighbor/friends home for a going away party for our friends Kelly & Craig as they are moving to San Diego.


8/12:  Took Dray’s family to the airport and then we cleaned and prepared for our next set of family visitors and our trip to New York.


8/13:  Dray and I flew to Long Island, NY.  We enjoyed a nice seafood dinner outdoor on the docks near Islip, NY.

8/14:  Dray and I drove to Montauk, NY.  Checked into Gurney’s Resort.  Explored the beach and the resort then had lunch on the beach.  Met up with Montauk Brewing owner/employees and enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner at Harvest.

8/15:  Dray went to work and I spent the day on the beach under an umbrella.  I took a couple walks on the beach and ate lunch on the beach.  Dray and I went to the Montauk lighthouse and watched the sunset.


8/16:  Dray and I drove back to Islip and flew back to Denver.


8/17:  My sister, Valerie and her husband, arrived last night for a long weekend.  They went to Rocky Mountain National Park during the day while we worked. Dray fixed steaks for dinner.  We enjoyed a nice evening together relaxing on our back deck.

8/18:  I took my sister and her husband to the Lafayette Peach Festival, then to Boulder Canyon to watch rock climbers, and then around other sites in Boulder.  We checked out the Velodrome in Erie, CO.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at Oskar Blues in Longmont, CO.

8/19:  We hung around the house most of the day.  My sister and I went shopping for a couple hours.  We all played golf at our Colorado National Golf Course in our neighborhood.

8/20:  My sister and her husband flew back home to Atlanta.  My hubby flew to Atlanta for work.  I did next to nothing that night after work.


Have you seen the rain evaporate before it lands? It’s called Virga. A common site here in Colorado. See pic above.

8/21: After work, I watered my neighbor’s plants while they are on vacation. Did some laundry, cleaning up around the house and cleaned the oven…I know you are jealous right now.  🙂

8/22:  I mowed the back yard after work and then played at least 20 games on the Sudoko app.  Never say I’m not exciting! 😉


8/23:  Met Laura from Modern Sage Designs at the Erie Farmer’s Market and then we enjoyed a drink while we caught up with each other.  She’s the best!


Smoke from California fires cleared a little tonight.

8/24:  After work Dray and I went to see the movie, Beautifully Broken.  Our friend Caitlyn was starring in the movie.

So many hot air balloons!

8/25:  took the above picture on the way to body pump class. Laura, of Modern Sage Designs, attended body pump with me!  Dray and I had a sprinkler repair guy come to fix a few sprinkler heads and a leak.  Dray and I went to see the movie, Crazy Rich Asians.  It was entertaining and fun!


8/26:  Dray and I didn’t amount to much all day.  We hung out on the back deck and laid in the hammocks for the better part of the day.   Picture below taken from our even stroll.


And yes…we saw a snake on the trail.  I just about jumped into Dray’s arms!


8/27:  I worked from home as our hot tub was delivered.  Dray left for a business trip to Mexico.


8/28:   After work, me and Cathy, the only “Housewives of Vista Ridge” left in our group since two ladies have moved away,  went to see Crazy Rich Asians.  My second time.  Such a cute movie!


8/29:  I met a new cousin for lunch.  She’s a new cousin because we didn’t know her mom was my mom’s sister due to adoption.  We just found out through DNA.

Hubby got home from a business trip. yay!  I met my neighbor’s 8 week old Labradoodle.

8/30:  After work hubby and I fed the horses nearby some apples.  Then we had the best sunset ever! See below pic.  I made lasagna and spaghetti sauce for Friday night dinner.



8/31:  Our friend, Sara, came over for dinner.  We had a fun time talking and listening to music!


Hope you enjoyed my sentence a day blog for the month of August, 2018.  I appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.  Now let’s have a wonderful September (my birthday month)!

xo, Cindy

10 thoughts on “Sentence a Day – August, 2018

  1. Wow! So much time spent with family. I love reading re-caps like this. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing time in New York too. I’ve never been to Long Island even though I have lived in New England my whole life but it sure looks pretty.


  2. Always enjoy your gorgeous scenery! Look at you with the new hot tub with a view. Hope it will bring you many hours of relaxation. Looks like August was a big month of hostessing company. Glad you and Dray slipped away for a little alone time in NY.


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