Sentence a Day – September 2018

Well…on the first Thursday of the month, I join other bloggers with a recap of the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  I was on vacation and totally missed publishing this with the other bloggers on 10/4/18.  So I’m publishing it a little late.  I hope you enjoy the “sentence a day” blog for September.   It’s a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Read along to see how September was for me!  Buckle up…it was a busy one!

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9/1:  An electrician came by and hooked up our new (replacement) hot tub.  So we are back in business!  I went for a manicure.  Then Dray and I headed to Denver for a staycation.



We first went to the Taste of Colorado, and enjoyed the festival, music, a turkey leg and roasted corn on the cob.


Then we checked into the historical Brown Palace Hotel & Spa.  We got the Beatles Suite!  It was huge and amazing…included a juke box that played Beatles songs for free.  All the wall hangings and coffee table books were about the Beatles.  The suite had huge window seats and great views of the city.  What a treat!

Then went to Nativ hotel grand opening – which was an all white party!  So fun!  We ate dinner at midnight, sat on the patio outside at The Yard House and enjoyed the cooling temps.

9/2:  We slept in and got room service for breakfast and took our time leaving the hotel.


9/3:  We explored Boulder Creek.  And then we got home and relaxed in the hammocks for awhile and then got in the hot tub for the sunset.


9/4:  Back to work.  My Fall Fashion Trends article was published in the ELife Magazine Fall 2018 edition. yay!

9/5:  My cousin, Cyndie, come over.  We all talked and talked, enjoyed pizza for dinner and then sat in the hot tub.


9/6:  Dray and I packed after work and prepared for our early morning flight to Atlanta.


9/7:  We had a 6 am flight to Atlanta.  We picked up Dray’s middle son, Marshall and took him to our hotel to get in some pool time.  The 2 other boys joined us after later that evening.

9/8:  We took Marshall back to his mommy and then the 4 of us drove to Gainesville, FL for a Gator football game.  The Gators lost their game, but we had fun!

I missed seeing the moss in the trees.  Since we were both born and raised in Florida you sometimes forget some of the things you grew up with that you don’t see anymore.


9/9:  We drove back to Atlanta and took the boys home. Dray and I enjoyed a nice  dinner.


9/10:  We had a 6 am flight back to Denver…and then we went to work.

9/11:  Went to Barre Fusion class after work with my friend Cathy.

9/12:  I went to the grocery store and made lasagna for dinner.  Graham, Dray’s oldest son, drove from Georgia to Colorado this week.  He is going to start working at my company and living with us now.

9/13:  I went to Body Pump after work. Then Dray and I sat in the hot tub and watched the sunset.

9/14: Work and then home for  relaxing evening.


9/15:  My 56th birthday!  I went to body pump and then got my hair cut and highlighted.  Dray flew to Atlanta to get his 2 younger boys and then turned right around and flew back to Denver. They will be with us for a week during their fall break from school. Dray and the boys sang Happy Birthday to me – they each got me cards and Dray gave me a beautiful necklace and 2 sets of earrings that match the necklace, that he asked Modern Sage Designs make for me!  It is beautiful!


9/16:  Dray and I went to a mentoring function with Access Opportunity.  Then we had a family/friends from Georgia spend the night with us.


9/17: After work, Jordan and I went to body pump class.


9/18: Did some house cleaning around the house after work.  Dray and a couple of his boys enjoyed the hot tub.

9/19:  Jordan and I went to Body Pump class again after work.

9/20:  My son’s birthday! We enjoyed a low-key pizza party in his honor – his favorite food!  My son died in an accident, at age 22 – almost 12 years ago.  Never a day goes by that I don’t think of him, he was my only child.  But on his birthday we always eat his favorite food and think of him EVEN more!


9/21:  Met the family at a scenic overlook in Boulder after work.  We let the boys explore, had a couple races to see if Daddy still had it…he does!

9/22:  It was time to say goodbye to two of the boys as their Fall break is over.  Dray took them back to Georgia.


9/23:  Had some family and friends over.  Here I am with 2 cousins, Cyndie and Lauri.

9/24:  After work I got a mani/pedi.

9/25:  After work I packed for an upcoming road trip with my sister, Valerie.


9/26:  Dray and I went to Red Rocks to see Lauryn Hill.  The full moon was so beautiful.  Hard to capture, but above pic is my attempt.

9/27:  Flew to LA to meet up with my sister.  Stayed in Santa Monica.  We rode bikes on the ocean front walk.  Enjoyed a beautiful sunset and a walk on Santa Monica pier.



9/28: Drove to Santa Barbara for fun whale watching excursion.  We met up with Loretta, a friend I met on Instagram @countdownto60.  Yes, we saw several humpback whales.

9/29: We drove to San Simeon and toured the Hearst Castle.  We went on the Designing the Dream tour.  It was beautiful.


9/30:  We drove to Cambria to continue our PCH road trip.  I had to dip my toes in the cold Pacific!  We loved Big Sur – can’t beat the scenery from PCH.  I even took a dirt road up the mountain in my Jeep.  Scary but so much fun!

So that was my September.  Stay tuned in October for more on the PCH road trip.  It was a wonderful month – hope yours was too!

xo, Cindy

4 thoughts on “Sentence a Day – September 2018

  1. Dang, girl!! You were hardly ever home. I don’t know how you do it!!
    How fabulous that Dray’s son is working for your company…..what a wonderful opportunity. And that necklace he bought for you from Laura?? It’s amazing!!


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