Sentence a day – November, 2018

On the first Thursday of the month, I join other bloggers with a recap of the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  I started this month in Georgia visiting my family.  I hope you enjoy the “sentence a day” blog for November.   It’s a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Read along to see how November was for me!

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11/1:  Flew to Atlanta to visit my Dad. Upon arrival I went to my sister’s new cafe/gift shop in Tate, GA.  Her shop is named Mimi’s Eats & Treats!  I was so excited to finally see it. It’s a beautiful store.  During my last visit it was under construction as it is an old building from the 40’s.  It’s beautifully redone and she is BUSY!


Fall was showing it’s pretty colors in Georgia.


11/2:  Went furniture shopping with my Dad. Doesn’t he look dapper trying out this chair?   I made lasagna for dinner for us, my sister and her husband…and leftovers.

11/3:  Celebrating Tate Day in Tate, GA.  I worked at my sister’s cafe all day, 7am – 7pm.     I got to see my niece Katie and her daughter, Charlee.  YAY!  BTW, Katie will be opening her own pharmacy at Mimi’s Eats & Treat’s January 2019 – it will be named Bell’s Family Pharmacy.

Another niece, (Katie’s younger sister) Lindsey, has a beautiful home decor store in Tate, GA – right beside Mimi’s Eats & Treat!  I love shopping at her store!  Below are picture of her gorgeous store and the vintage truck between these two shops.

11/4:  Went to church with my dad and then we celebrated Charlee’s 2nd birthday at Dad’s house.  All my sisters were together!  Yes, we are a family full of girls!  I don’t think my Dad minds tho. 🙂

11/5: I worked around Dad’s house getting it all cleaned up and even cleaned out his gutters before heading the ATL airport and flying home to Denver.

11/6: Back to work – a busy day catching up and processing payroll. Watched the election results on TV after work.

11/7: Went to body pump after work and then I got my annual flu shot.

11/8:  Mani/pedi after work.

11/9:  Busy day at work.  The family ate at Sonic for dinner.  Gotta support the new business in our neighborhood!


11/10:  Body Pump class first thing.  Dray felt sick most of the day – so we took it slow and rested most of the day.  We checked into the Brown Palace Hotel around 5:00 pm.  The Royal Suite was amazing!  The lobby (above) was decorated for Christmas.


We attended the Denver Fashion Week Fashion Show that night.  Thankfully Dray started feeling better as the night progressed.  Bonus…I got to see Jodi and her Mom’s from http://www.jtouchof


11/11:  We literally stayed in our gorgeous hotel suite all day until 4:00 pm.  We watched the snow fall on the city.  It was a magical day! We watched movies and enjoyed room service.

11/12:  Busy day at work and then body pump after work.  After exercise class, I went to the grocery store.  I made homemade chili in the crock pot.  I was up until 11:00.  That’s late for me on a week day.

11/13:  Went to the Dermatologist for my annual body check.  No issues. YAY!  Chili turned out really good!  This is the recipe I used… Crockpot Chili (cookoff winner!)

11/14: I went to Body Pump class after work.


11/15:  I went to a Spin class after work.  Stats from the class above.  Burned 399 calories.  Then a quick grocery shopping – mainly for drinks for the boys – soda, gatorade, and water.

11/16:  Dray brought home his two youngest for the Thanksgiving holidays. He flies to Atlanta to get them and bring them to Denver. such a good daddy!

11/17: Body Pump class first thing.  Spent the day at home cooking, cleaning and hanging out with the family.  It snowed lightly all day.

11/18: Relaxing day at home with the family.

11/19: Went to Body Pump class after work with Jordan.  Dray worked out at the gym while we did the class.

11/20:  We drove around to look at some Christmas lights and then went to Sonic for dinner.  Admittedly it was mostly for the kids – but we enjoyed it too!


11/21:  It’s a beautiful day! Last day of work for the week! Yay!  Body Pump class after work.  Jordan and Dad worked out in the gym.

11/22:  Happy Thanksgiving.  The whole family watched a movie and enjoyed a traditional turkey and meal prepared by Dray.

11/23:  I didn’t amount to much today – it’s a PJ’s all day kind of day!

11/24: Body Pump class first thing.  Hair cut and colored.  Dray took his 2 youngest boys back to Georgia.  I got busy cleaning the house.

11/25:  Cleaned house and did laundry most of the day.  Got my nails done!

11/26:  Body Pump class after work.


11/27:  Dray and I have been married for 8 years today.  Sadly, he is not home today, so we will celebrate together soon. 🙂  I skyped with the Housewives of Vista Ridge for 2 hours.  If you remember we are a group of friends that used to all be neighbors in the subdivision of Vista Ridge.  Now one has moved to San Diego and one to Hawaii – leaving only 2 of us as neighbors now.  We skype at least once a month to keep up.

11/28: Body Pump class after work.


11/29:  Played Mahjong after work with neighbors/friends.  We have a lot of fun playing – even though we look a little serious in this pic.  I won 1 game out of 4.  🙂

11/30: Work and then home.   Got my Christmas bins out to decorate.  More to come…

Hope your November brought a attitude of gratitude.  I appreciate you reading my blog.  I appreciate any comments.

xo, Cindy

10 thoughts on “Sentence a day – November, 2018

    • It is so cool that my sister and her two daughters are in business with/beside each other. In my sister’s store (Mimi’s Eats & Treats) her daughter will have a pharmacy in the back of the store. These stores are amazing too! The hotel suite was fit for royalty…for sure! Thankful for my husband’s Marriott points to upgrade us from time to time! 😉 Thank you for the note and following along with my blog. xo Cindy


  1. how fun you got to meet Jodi and her moms! So cool. And good for you for doing so much body pump, that’s awesome! I need to jump on that train!


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