Sentence a Day – January, 2019

On the first Tuesday of the month, I join other bloggers with a recap of the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  I hope you enjoy the “sentence a day” blog for January.   It’s a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Check out the pictures and enjoy my January with me…

Middle Sister Style

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1/1:  New Year’s Day and I was sick in bed almost all day.  My throat was raw and scratchy, constant cough with a heavy chest.  Feels like bronchitis – which I’ve had many times.

1/2: I went to work for 5 hours – I went to the store to get cough syrup and then to bed.

1/3: Back to work feeling a little better.


1/4: Dray made a fire and roasted hotdogs, sausages and shrimp with the boys.  It was so cool to have a fire with the snow on the ground.  Dray and I enjoyed the hot tub for awhile.

1/5: I went to body pump even though I’m only feeling 80% better.  I did pretty good in the class!  I also took a nap afterwards.  🙂

1/6:  Dray took the 2 younger boys back to Georgia and I cleaned house all day. I also took down all Christmas decorations.  Very productive day!

1/7: Body pump class after work.

1/8: Dray arrived home after a few days of travel.  🙂

1/9:  Body pump class after work.

1/10: Dray & I made shrimp fried rice for dinner.  yum!

1/11:  It snowed!  Dray and I went to The Walnut Room in downtown Denver to hear 3 bands play – one being our friends band from Nashville.  It was really fun! My cousin and her husband also joined us, as well as Dray’s son, Graham.


1/12: Body pump class first thing! Then Dray and I took a nap after breakfast.  We went to a Wrangler sponsored event where our friend, Caitlin (pictured above), was playing in the band.  It was such fun! It’s our 3rd year to attend the event and we love it!

1/13:  Caitlin and her fiance, Travis, spent a couple nights with us.  We had a wonderful breakfast burrito to start our day, then we took a walk, enjoyed the hot tub, and even got to play with neighbor’s puppies, Dray made a wonderful dinner.  All in all a wonderful day!

1/14:  Body pump class after work.


1/15:  It was our monthly Skype call for the Housewives of Vista Ridge.  We all used to be neighbors until 2 of us moved…to California and Hawaii.  Now we keep in touch via Skype.

1/16:  Body pump class after work.

1/17:  We had our Financial Planner over for dinner with her 2 boys.  Then we packed for our trip to Seattle.

1/18:  Dray and I flew to Portland, OR and quickly took Uber to the Train Station to catch Amtrak to Seattle.  We were excited to experience the train ride.  Dray took this route about 3 years ago and loved it and we wanted to experience it together.  It was a 3 hour train ride to Seattle.  It was so much fun!  Once we arrived in Seattle, we walked over a mile to our hotel, the Marriott Waterfront.  We walked thru Pioneer Square and along the waterfront to our hotel.  We munched on the concierge happy hour food and drinks.  Then we went swimming in the indoor/outdoor heated swimming pool.

1/19: We woke up and enjoyed the concierge breakfast buffet and then walked to Pikes Market to explore the shops, gum wall and eat lunch.  We walked all over the area.  It was so much fun.  We got back in time to check out the happy hour concierge again before retiring for the night.

1/20: We woke up and enjoyed our free concierge breakfast and then took a 3.5 mile walk along the waterfront checking out Olympic Sculpture Park.  We went back to Pikes Market for lunch.  We walked to Westlake Shopping area to check out my favorite store, Zara.  We caught the monorail to the Space Needle.  We enjoyed some snacks at the Armory and enjoyed checking out the artsy area.  All in all – we walked over 7 miles today!

1/21: After a quick concierge breakfast at the hotel, we took Uber to the Seattle train station and rode Amtrak back to Portland.  We really enjoy taking in the sights, the extra seating/leg room (compared to an airplane) and of course, wifi.  We then took Uber to the Seattle airport for our flight home. We really enjoy being together and travel together is even more fun!

1/22: Enjoyed Strength Finders training at work this morning. Some of my strengths are Positivity, Harmony, Empathy, Consistency and Developer.  I went to body pump class after work.  Dray and I met after class and enjoyed the hot tub at the Rec center.


1/23: Body pump class after work.  Pic above was taken from on my drive home from work.

1/24:  Blizzard conditions on the way to work today – but it cleared up around noon and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Played Mahjong with my neighbor/friends after work.


1/25:  My Jeep broke down on the way to work.  Cracked radiator. 😦  After getting it towed to the repair shop – it was fixed quickly. $$  Just look at those Rocky Mountains in the pic above!  After work, Dray and I went to Denver to see Wanda Sykes at the Paramount Theater.  She was so funny!

1/26:  We checked into the Brown Palace Hotel – go upgraded to a beautiful suite! We met friends and took Dray’s son and enjoyed the Movie Amadeus with the Colorado Symphony.  It was such a great experience!

1/27:  Dray and I had a relaxing day.  We got a late check out at the hotel (4pm) and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast via room service (pic below).  This was the sky on our way home.

1/28: It was a snowy start! But the show must go on!  Off to work and the kids are off to school.  Body pump class after work.

1/29: My view on the way to work (below), the Rocky Mountains with fresh snow!

1/30:  Flew to Atlanta to visit family.  Dad’s town (and where I raised my son), Cartersville, GA,  was named the most Quaint town in Georgia, per the Travel Channel.  My Dad’s yard looks so good with rye grass down for the winter months. He is 88 and still takes care of his yard and home.

1/31: I started painting Dad’s kitchen.  Here are a couple before/after pics from my dad’s kitchen.  I painted over the tan and green with grey and white.

My sister and her granddaughter came over to dad’s while I was painting.  Sherry made dinner for us.  It was so good to spend time with Charlee too!

I hope you are getting a great start to your new year!  I appreciate you reading my blog and seeing how my year started.  Please drop a comment and let me know what you think of my blog! I’d love to hear from you!  I appreciate you taking the time to read about my month!

xo, Cindy

10 thoughts on “Sentence a Day – January, 2019

  1. How fabulous that you guys still Skype like that. What a great way to keep in touch!!
    And we have talked about taking the train….did you like it?? It’s not less expensive, so we never end up doing it. I need to hear your thoughts on that!!
    And another Brown Palace stay! I’m still planning on a blog post about it…and you’re still in, right?? I’m thinking either Monday, Feb. 18 or Wed. Feb. 20….whichever is better for you? Text/email me to let me know. Then I’ll send you the link to my post and you send me the link to yours when it gets closer!!!


  2. Yes, we Skype for at least an hour or longer each month. It’s fun! We loved the train experience. The train offers more leg room, free wifi and no seat belt. Plus you can get food from the bistro car. We found it very enjoyable. The views are awesome from the big windows! I’d definitely do it again. Yes! Another Brown Palace stay. My husband is so good! Yes, I’m still planning on doing the post with you – either date is fine. I don’t plan that far out! Should I do a blog on it and you do a blog on it and we just reference each other? Or did you want to do a blog together? Just let me know.


  3. Glad you got the sickies over with at the beginning of the month so you could enjoy the rest of it!
    Car troubles – UGHHH – the worst, glad it was fixed quickly though.
    I so would love to see Seattle & the space needle. I think it looks like such a beautiful place.


  4. Fantastic scenery – if you had to break down, that was a pretty place to do it! Looks like you have had a lot more snow than we have in the UK. I love that snow angel photo!
    How great that you keep in touch with your friends via Skype, it makes the miles between you disappear!


  5. So glad to catch up with you, albeit a little late, for your January in review. Your mountain photos always make me swoon. You have amazing views all year-round. I am envious of your train trip. Have wanted to do that with my PC for some time. Rode a train from my BFF’s house in Oklahoma City to my daughter’s home in Ft. Worth and it was such a treat. Far surpasses air travel.

    I really enjoyed the Strength Finders book and quiz. I have forgotten, are you a teacher? One of my favorite principals bought the book for the entire faculty. It was a very interesting read and book study.

    Hey, I have always loved some of the thin, feminine ankle high hose you wear. I finally ordered some similar last week from Amazon and wore them yesterday. I felt so fancy and thought of you often during the day. Thank you for the inspiration.


    • This is the sweetest note! Thank you for letting me know about you buying feminine socks and thinking of me! 🙂 I’m a Human Resources Manager. I’ve been in HR for over 20 years. I appreciate your comments and reading my blog. xo, CIndy


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