Sentence a Day – April, 2019

On the first Tuesday of the month, I join other bloggers with a recap of the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  I hope you enjoy this “sentence a day” blog for April.  And yes, I’m a week late!  I’m struggling to stay on top of my hobbies (blogging) while starting a new job.  I’ll get a balance soon.  But at this time I’m so far behind on reading others blogs and blogging.  Check out the pictures and enjoy the month with me…it was a different month for me.  I lost my job the first week! I made exercising a priority and I was lucky enough to get in some travel and family time.

Middle Sister Style

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4/1:  April Fool’s Day.  I worked from home watching my step-son, he has cerebral palsy. He is a true joy.  He had the giggles almost all day. 🙂 You may remember from previous blogs – he is 21 and the size of a 5 year old.  We call him the baby because mentally, he is a baby.  Went to body pump after work and went to bed with super sore shoulders from the class work.

4/2:  The company where I work owes money to an investment firm and we defaulted on a loan payment.  The investment firm filed foreclosure and the notice went public.  A lot of uncertainty about our future at this company.

4/3: Body pump class after work.  Dray (hubby) went with me to the class! yay!

4/4: We celebrated my step-son Jordan’s 16th birthday (a little early) after work.  You may also remember my friend’s daughter is staying with us for 6 weeks.  This is Kaitlyn in the picture with Jodan.  They quickly started actling and feeling like brother/sisters.

4/5: Last day of work.  We sent all employees home because of our company’s economic uncertainty. We know we cannot continue to pay employees due to our finances.

4/6: Dray took his 2 younger boys back to Georgia.  His oldest son, Graham, lives with us.  Kaitlyn and I went to body pump class first thing in the morning.  Then we went to the Boulder’s Farmer’s Market and to Boulder Flat Irons to take pictures. We ate lunch at Foolish Craig on Pearl Street.  Overall, a very nice day – saw flowers blooming for the first time this year!

4/7: Cleaned the house – being doing laundry 24/7 since the boys left. Dray took me, Kaitlyn and his son Graham to dinner with the Brewmaster at The Post restaurant and brewery in Boulder.  Before dinner we walked around and enjoyed the Tulip Festival on Pearl Street.


4/8:  First work day not working.  I walked to my friend Cathy’s house, then we attended Gentle Yoga class.  It was warm enough to wear a tank top!  67 degrees.  I went to body pump class later in the day.

4/9: I went into work to process the last payroll for employees.  Ran into troubles – looks like NO ONE will get paid for the last two weeks of work.  This makes an bad situation even worse for everybody! It feels awful to not be able to pay employees for their hard work – mine too!

4/10: Since I’m not working I was able to stay downtown at the Westin with Dray while he attended a Beer Festival (for work).  It was fun to explore downtown – even in the rain and then snow!  Ball Corp (hubby’s employer) sponsored Stringdusters concert at the Filmore Auditorium.

4/11:  Dray is back at the festival.  Kaitlyn came downtown to join me and she and I went shopping (mostly window shopping) before heading home. I love seeing signs of Spring mixed with snow!   I played Mahjong with the neighbor ladies in the evening. I won 1 game of 3.

4/12:  I had a telephone interview with McGuckin Hardware in Boulder.  Fingers crossed this is my next job opportunity.  I made gumbo for dinner.


4/13:  I went to body pump class.  It snowed again and then within an hour it was sunny and all the snow melted. Dray and I watched The Masters Golf Tourney.

4/14: We watched history being made at The Masters!  I went for a 4.2 mile walk/jog.  It felt great to get out and run again.  It’s been months since I ran.

4/15:  I cleaned up around the house, did laundry, etc.  I went to body pump class in the evening.  I baked pork chops and roasted veggies for dinner.

4/16: I ran/walked 4.2 miles.  I met Dray for lunch.  Dray, Kaitlyn, Graham and I went to Injoy for dinner – a local restaurant.  Today would’ve been my parent’s 66th wedding anniversary (mom died 3 years ago).

4/17: I had an morning interview with McGuckin’s Hardware.  I think it went really well!  Body pump class in the evening.

4/18:  I went into my old office to process some unemployment documents for employees (guess I’m a volunteer HR Manager now).  It was a spur of the moment decision for me to join Dray on a business trip – since he gets a companion pass for me (due to his Southwest Airlines status). We flew out of Denver at 5:30 pm to Grand Rapids, MI.

4/19:  Dray and I slept in a little, then walked to Founder’s Brewery Tap  Room and had a wonderful lunch.  Dray had a few afternoon appointments at the Brewery so I explored downtown Grand Rapids.  We walked to/from Sovengard Restaurant. and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.

4/20:  Dray and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the hotel – free due to his Marriott status.  We went to the Black Beer Festival at Founders’s Brewery all afternoon.  Listened to good bands and met lots of employees and their families.

4/21:  Dray and I woke up at 3:30 am and flew back to Denver on an early flight.  Once I got home I went back to bed for 4 more hours!  We enjoyed a relaxing day. We watched If Beale Street Could Talk movie – it was very good.  Dray’s son, Graham, made spagetti for dinner.

4/22:  I had a 2:30 interview at McGuckin’s Hardware. Again, I feel good about it!  Dray and I went to body pump class that evening.  Today is the 3rd anniversary of my Mom’s death.  Two of my sisters are spending the day with Dad.

4/23:  I ran/walked 4.2 miles. I cut some grass/bushes around the house – preparing for spring growth.  I made shrimp scampi for dinner.

4/24:  I booked my trip to Fierce Con 2019.  I made shepard’s pie for dinner and packed for my trip to see my Dad.

4/25:  Up at 3:30 am to make a 6:00 am flight to Atlanta.  I take a shuttle from the Altanta airport to Cartersville, GA (about 50 miles north of Atlanta).  My dad met me at the shuttle and we had a nice lunch, and planned out day of my 7 day visit.  I went to the grocery store and got food to cook for him while I’m there.  I made spagetti for dinner.

4/26:  I painted the trim in his two bathrooms white.  You may remember, last month I painted his kitchen.  The trim painting is slow work – took about 7 hours.  Check out the before/after pics!  In between painting, we went for a pedicure.

4/27:  I pressure washed Dad’s house.  It took about 5 hours to do 2 sides of his house.  One side was really dirty from pollen, mold and spider webs.  I made pork chops, yellow rice, gravy and a salad for dinner.  Then I got back out and finished the other two sides of the house.  I was all done by 8:00 pm.  Feels so good to be done!  This was a big job!

4/28:  I went to church with Dad.  Then we drove about an hour to Tate, GA to see the house my neice and her husband are planning to buy.  Then we went to both of my neices and my sister’s shops in Tate, Mimi’s Eats & Treats (my sister’s cafe/gift shop), Bell’s Pharmacy (my neice is the Pharmacist/owner) and 53 Market (my other neice’s home decor shop).  It was so good to see everybody!  I love their shops too!  Notice my 2 year old grand neice, Charlee, sitting amongst the bread.

4/29:  I drove about an hour to Jasper, GA to model for Daisy’s Boutique.  I modeled from 11-4, 8 outfits.  Then I went to Mimi’s Eats & Treats/Bell’s Pharmacy to see the family again.  I received a verbal offer of employment from McGuckin’s Hardware in Boulder for the Human Resources Generalist position!  We all went out to celebrate with a mexican dinner and margarita’s!

4/30: Today would’ve been my Mom’s birthday.  I drove me and Dad 3 hours to Crossville, TN to visit my sister Karen and her husband.  We had a nice dinner and explored her property.  It was a beautiful day.  Then I drove 3 hours back home to Cartersville, GA.

4/31: Today I pressure washed Dad’s screened porch (ceiling and walls) and wiped down the patio furniture from pollen.  I also pressure washed his shed in the backyard.  We got the screen porch all set up again after lunch.  Then I painted 2 bar stools for Dad’s kitchen and scrubbed his bathroom shower with an electric scrubber, Dray ordered for him from Amazon.  It works!

The next day I flew home.  Time to start a new chapter – a new job!

Overall, it was a good month – a month of change, reflection and productivity!

I hope your April was wonderful!  Thank you for reading my sentence a day blog for the month.  I appreciate your comments.

xo, Cindy








5 thoughts on “Sentence a Day – April, 2019

  1. Ahhhhh….that’s why the new job! Talk about a little stress and craziness. Yet you handle it with such a great attitude. Besides the fact that you are the hardest worker ever. The things you do around your dad’s house makes me feel SO lazy!!!


  2. So glad you shared your sentences. Congratulations on the new job. Sounds like the few weeks you had between jobs were filled to the brim with travel. You are such a darling daughter to do all you do for your daddy. I know he just loves having his baby girl home. His house was probably sparkling when you left. Bless your sweet, sweet heart. The picture of the flowers in the snow is so pretty. But I bet you guys in Colorado are ready for spring. And yet, I heard on the weather tonight that parts of your state are in for more snow this weekend.

    Always enjoy your photos and sentences. Thank you for joining us! XO


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