I’m Blogging Now!

Hello Friends and Fashionistas!  This is my blog!


This is so exciting for me.  I’ve thought about blogging for about a year and now…yes, I’m going to jump into fashion blogging!  Follow me and grow with me!


I plan to share my OOTD and my inspiration behind my outfits.




What I wore this week 3/31 – 4/6/19


Sunday:  Spring bouquet.  Wearing black bike shorts from Amazon Black bike shorts from Amazon with a top from Zara.


Monday:  Sweat session.  Since I worked from home – I got a picture of my exercise outfit! Nike running shoes from Amazon. Nike running shoes at Amazon.


Thursday:  White on White.  Wearing white distressed jeans from Express with a white sweater from Free People.  White boots are from Target.  Shell necklace is very old.


Friday:  Which way to the Eiffel Tower? I’m wearing a black/white turtleneck with a black poncho.  Jeans are from Target.  White combat boots are by Steve Madden from DSW.  Beret is from H&M.


Saturday:  Farmer’s Market ready!  I’m wearing a dress by Free People with white converse tennis shoes and a straw hat.

Hope you had a good week and you are enjoying Spring.  We are getting our first signs of Spring here in Colorado – saw some daffodils in Boulder.

xo, Cindy

Sentence a Day – March, 2019

On the first Tuesday of the month, I join other bloggers with a recap of the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  I hope you enjoy this “sentence a day” blog for March.   It’s a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Check out the pictures and enjoy the month with me…I started the month in Trinidad for Carnival!

Middle Sister Style


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FB: Middle Sisters Style



3/1:  We are in Trinidad celebrating Carnival with friends! Unfortunately, upon arrival Dray is sick with a fever.  😦   While Dray rested, I went with my friend to pickup our costumes for Carnival.  It took hours and I didn’t get what I ordered – but close enough to not stay and try to work it out!  To say the pick up place was a mad house is an major understatement.  U N O R G A N I Z E D !  Hundreds picking up costumes – small place – hot temps – and they were not ready at all!

3/2:  The ladies went shopping at a couple local bazaars.  Dray is still home resting, feeling feverish.


3/3:  Local friends came over to our friends home and we really enjoyed their company.  We talked and talked for hours outside on the patio.  Beautiful weather and constant breeze.  So tropical!  Dray is feeling better (yay!) and starting to eat a little.  We all took a nap in preparation for an all night party/parade.



3/4:  We danced in the streets from 1:00 am – 9:00 am.  It was a blast!  Everybody is in groups (called bands) and we following the music semi-truck (see in pic 3) and behind is us is the drink semi-truck (see in pic 4) with a dozen bartenders in blue tees.  And this goes on for miles all thru Port-of-Spain – one band after another. Thousands out celebrating in different bands of about 250 people each.  One ticket for the event gets you a band tee, some food to start the evening and unlimited drinks.  Each band is uniquely dressed.  Our band was called Coco-Devils – so you’ll see us with cocoa (and paint) all over us and devil horns. Everybody is having a blast and it feels like a big family.  After we got home (around 9:30 am) and napped a little and took it easy all day.


3/5:  Carnival began at 7:00 am and ended around 2:30 pm.  We danced in the streets again all dressed in elaborate feather trimmed costumes – locally made.  Trinidad’s carnival celebrates the spirit of their people.  Everybody is warm and happy, so many smiles.  It feels very safe and welcoming.  It was a hot day, but thankfully we had a nice breeze.  We still got so sunburned. We went swimming after we got home and that was so refreshing.


3/6:  Dray went golfing.  I went shopping with the ladies. Notice the parrot at one of the shops.  Parrots are all over the island.

3/7:  We had such a wonderful visit!  We departed Port of Spain, Trinidad just after midnight and arrived in Houston at 5:30 am.  After a couple of hours of layover we got on our flight and arrived in Denver around 9:30 am.  Both Dray and I are feeling the effects of a cold (yes, I caught what he had), so we are tired and not feeling great.  We relaxed and napped all day.

3/8:  Back to work to get caught up.


3/9:  We are still not feeling good – so we didn’t work out today.  We did pickup Dray’s nephew (11 years old) at the airport.  He is staying with us for a few days while he is on spring break from school in Florida.  His first flight and first chance to see snow!  I took a nap for a couple hours.  Kaitlyn, my friend’s daughter,  came me over, we had a nice dinner, we all watched a movie and got in the hot tub.

3/10: Relaxing Sunday.

3/11:  Busy day at work.  Starting to feel better, so it back to Body Pump class after work. First class this month!

3/12:  Dray’s nephew flew back home.  Grocery shopping after work. Sore from Body Pump!



3/13:  Bomb cyclone!  Left work early due to white out conditions.  Our house windows and doors were covered with snow we basically lived in an igloo for the day! Just look at my hair when I braved the wind and cold!  I made homemade chili.


The Housewives of Vista Ridge (Vista Ridge is our subdivision) had our monthly Skype call.  Two of the group moved (to Hawaii and San Diego) so we keep up with monthly Skype calls.  You’ll see I’m with Kaitlyn.  Her mom is bottom right friend in Hawaii.


3/14: What a difference a day makes!  Today was sunny and we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset over the Rocky Mountains.  Went to Body Pump class after work.  Then to a neighbors house to enjoy a piece of pie on Pi day!

3/15: After work I got busy packing for my weekend getaway.


3/16:  Early morning flight to Phoenix.  I met my cousin at the Denver airport and we both flew to Phoenix to meet up with 4 cousins.  Our DNA, via 23 & Me website, just identified that our Mom’s were sisters.  Look at the poster they greeted us with at the airport!  They are so funny!  Yes, she is my cousin – not my wife!  🙂  Upon arrival we went to Morning Glory Cafe at The Farm at South Mountain for brunch.  We spent the rest of the day at one of our cousin’s homes getting to know each other.  We loved the warm weather and sitting outside.


3/17: We all met for breakfast and then spent the afternoon talking and laughing.  We all celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with (temporary) green hair and dinner out.


3/18:  We shopped in Carefree, Phoenix before my afternoon flight back to Denver.

3/19:  Work and then home.  Went to bed early – tired from a fun weekend full of laughter.

3/20: Work and then to body pump class.  Tough work out tonight!



3/21:  After work we went to eat Mexican and celebrate a big day of earnings with the stock market. We believe in celebrating! The margarita was delicious! Especially when my chest and triceps are so sore from body pump!

3/22:  Left work early – company is potentially closing – filed foreclosure documents.  We just relaxed and enjoyed the evening – listening to music.  Still so sore from body pump class.

3/23:  Early body pump class.  Got my hair trimmed and highlighted.  Then we met with a Tax Accountant. 😦  BTW, we are not happy with the new tax laws! We had plans to go to a friends house for a get together, but our mood was totally ruined by having to pay so much in taxes.  We did nothing different from last year (when we got  a refund) and this year we owe BIG!

3/24:  Got busy cleaning the house and doing laundry. Got in some relaxation too!

3/25: Worked from home.  Body pump class after work.

3/26: Work and then home.  My friend’s daughter, Kaitlyn, is spending the week with us, so we talked and talked catching up!  Oh the life of a 20 year old! 🙂

3/27:  Work and then body pump class.

3/28:  Met Cathy, the only other local housewife of Vista Ridge, for happy hour. Fun time catching up!

3/29: After work I went to see Five Feet Apart with my step-son and Kaitlyn.  It was good…and sad.


3/30:  Woke up to a couple inches of snow.  The second pic above shows a coyote during his morning hunt.  Can you see it?  I went to morning body pump class and then home.  Dray’s boys arrive for a week of Spring break.  I went shopping with Kaitlyn in Boulder later in the afternoon.


3/31:  I cleaned house and spent some time relaxing.  We watched Eat, Pray, Love after dinner.  We asked Kaitlyn to live with us until she moves to Hawaii (Mid-May) to be with her Mom and Step-dad.  They used to be our neighbors and her mom is one of my best friends from the Housewives of Vista Ridge.

Hope your March was one to remember!  Thank you for reading my blog.  I appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.  I so appreciate your follow! xo Cindy




What I wore this week 3/24 – 3/30/19


Sunday:  Photo shoot at the local laundry mat.  This tulle skirt is from Amazon. Tulle Skirt from Amazon


Monday:  Sunshine on shoulders makes me happy! Mixed plaid linen dress I won on Instagram from Eva Trends!


Tuesday:  I wasn’t born in a barn, but I do love them!  Navy over-sized cardigan from Free People, white tee with mustard trim around the neck from Target.  Democracy denim with spicy mustard sneakers from Old Navy.  Mustard sneakers from Old Navy


Wednesday:  Love this combo!  Wearing a pink tee from Zara with a jean jacket from Stitch Fix.  Black leggings from H&M.  Black booties and black floppy hat are both years old.  Necklace is from an Art Festival.


Thursday:  Beautiful day to be outside!  I’m wearing a new corduroy jacket from H&M Corduroy jacket from H&M with 1822 denim and a new rust sleeveless sweater from Marshall’s.  My rust booties are from Fly London from Daisy’s Boutique in Jasper, GA.


Friday:  Freezing.  I’m not dressed warm enough for the cold today.  There was no way I could take my hands out of my pockets.  A Spring snow is coming!  I’m wearing black distressed ANA denim from JC Penney with a black puffer vest by Calvin Klein.  My white turtleneck is from Amazon.  The white combat boots are a favorite by Steve Madden from DSW.

Hope your week was wonderful and you are enjoying the first signs of Spring.  Here…not so much yet…but I’m never disappointed with a Spring snow!

xo, Cindy


How We Style Spring!

I’ve joined 10 friends, all over 50 years young, to show how we style Spring.  Take a look and let me know what you think – check out their blogs and follow them on instagram to get your daily inspiration for style.

I’ll start with me.  I’m wearing the super hot trending bike shorts in black with a black blazer and a bright yellow sweater underneath.  The secret to pulling off this trend is to wear something longer on top – like a blazer or a long shirt untucked.  The way I styled the bike shorts is a little more business-like so you could wear them to work if you are ready to brave this trend.  I’m finishing off the look with a black belt bag.  Belt bags are also trending big!  If you haven’t tried them – they are wonderful for shopping and traveling especially, since you keep your hands free. I like the look and I wear it all the time.  Sometimes I wear the belt bag over my shoulder – across the front of my body when it doesn’t feel right to have a belt around my waist.


If you can’t do a belt bag – I’m showing the same outfit with a wide belt. 

cindy 2

Jess of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish is wearing a floral dress and a crossbody bag.  Cross body bags, especially smaller ones, are also trending.  Florals are always perfect for Spring.  Jess is also wearing a statement earring – which is the trend in jewelry!

elegantly dress.jpg

Emma from Style Splash is wearing neon pink and the hot animal print trend – zebra! Neon is trending big as well as animal prints!  This is a win-win!


Julie from Fashion Trends and Friends is looking so on trend in her snakeskin pants with the hot new color for Spring – Coral.  Snakeskin is having is BIG moment this Spring.  Get something in snakeskin to try it out!


Michelle from Seechele Style is wearing a polka dot dress in yellow with a white jean jacket.  Dots are trending as well as white jean jackets!


Nancy from Nancy’s Fashion Style is looking on trend in her dark floral skirt with a bright orange top.  Dark floral is a great transitional piece to wear into Spring.  The bright orange really updates the look!


Nicole from High Latitude Style is showing us that even if there is still snow – you can look on trend in white boots and a dress.  Pearls are also trending big in jewelry for Spring so layer them on!  Such a pretty and classic trend!


You know April showers bring May flowers and Nina from Sharing a Journey is wearing a pastel pink trench coat to show you how to look on trend in the rain.  No one would notice the rain in the pretty outfit!


Andy from Pearls and Pantsuits is wearing a white denim jacket with blue denim jeans.  So fun to mix it up and denim is always trending.  White denim is a hot Spring trend.

pearls and pansuits

Robin from Hello I’m 50ish is looking extra classy in her Chanel cross body black leather handbag.  Cross body bags are trending!


And last but not least, Suzanne from Ask Suzanne Bell is wearing a denim trench coat over a striped linen skirt.  Trench coats are trending and a denim one will definitely get lots of wear.  Stripes are also trending!


I hope you liked seeing my friends in their Spring trends.  Did you check out any of their blogs?  Follow my friends – you’ll be so inspired!

Drop a note and let me know what you think of these trends and which ones you are planning to try out!

xo, Cindy

What I wore this week 3/17 – 3/23


Tuesday:  Gray base.  Striped Sweater from Express with a gray turtleneck underneath.  Gray pants from Banana Republic (old) with burgundy combat boots from DSW (last year).


Wednesday:  New trend!  Wearing a dark floral maxi shirt dress from Zara.  I unbuttoned it at the waist to show black bike short.  Bike shorts are trending for Spring! Wearing black Doc Marten combat boots with socks.


Thursday: Poncho Dayz.  Olive green hooded poncho (can’t remember where I bought it – I think Amazon).  Dear John distressed denim from Daisy’s Boutique in Jasper, GA.  White boots from DSW. White boots from DSW

Hope your week was good!  xo, Cindy

What I wore this week 3/10 – 3/16/19


Sunday:  Golden.  Wearing a swimsuit cover up from Free People.


Monday: Mixing it up!  Wearing camo joggers from Marshall’s with a striped cotton shirt from H&M.  The black wrap bustier is over the striped shirt to add in a little fun!  Black combat boots from Amazon. If you follow me – you know I wear these ALL the time! Black Combat Boots at Amazon


Tuesday:  Leopard & flowers.  Dark floral dress from Zara.  Leopard scarf from Amazon.  Leopard booties from Walking Cradle. Black lace socks.  Leopard bracelet from Cracker Barrel – a gift from my sister.


Wednesday:  Blizzards are hair raising events!  Seriously…..   Gray leather jacket from Stitch Fix (a few years old).  Necklace from Modern Sage Designs.


Thursday:  Early St. Patrick’s Day.  Dark green dress from Zara (in Seattle).  I got it for $19.99.  I love that it is such a different style.  I really love the belt closure! Leopard booties from Walking Cradles. I’m wearing gold disc earrings from Modern Sage Designs and a black and gold chain bib necklace. I also have on lace black socks.


Friday:  Casual day!  Wearing loose jeans by Hollister from Marshall’s with a color block sweater from TJ Maxx.  Red sock boots are from Zara.  Tri-color diamond bobby pins aren’t from Macy’s but these are similar (link).  Tri-color bobby pins from Macy’s

Hope you had a wonderful week. Thank you for reading my blog!  Xo, Cindy

Sentence a day – February, 2019

On the first Tuesday of the month, I join other bloggers with a recap of the previous month with a sentence (or two) every day!  I hope you enjoy the “sentence a day” blog for February.   It’s a great way to get to know me…by getting an insight into my every day.  Check out the pictures and enjoy my February with me…I started the month at my Dad’s house in Cartersville, GA.

Middle Sister Style


IG: cindyscurry

FB: Middle Sisters Style

2/1:  I woke up and painted Dad’s kitchen for a few hours and then I met two of my sisters at a spa to celebrate my sister, Sherry’s, birthday.  I got a pedicure.  Sherry got a facial.  Val got a massage.  Then we all went to Dad’s house for dinner.  Sherry (and all of us) was surprised to find out that her youngest daughter, Lindsey, is pregnant.  Sherry and Rick will be grandparents again!  So exciting!

2/2:  I went to Daisy’s Boutique and took pictures of 8 outfits for her to use as marketing. Then I went to my sister’s cafe in Tate, GA.  After her shop closed, a couple of my sisters, niece and her baby, all went to the outlet mall for an hour or so.

2/3:  I painted from 9:00 am- 4:30 pm. I was so close to finish painting Dad’s kitchen.  I didn’t have time to finish the bottom half of the back door or scrape the paint off the windows.  I had a late evening flight home to Denver.

2/4:   I started getting sick on the plane to Denver last night and today I had a full blown cold.  Sneezing and runny nose.  Yuck.  I went straight home from work and went to bed.  Slept 12 hours!

2/5:  Feeling better today.

2/6:  We got snow!  I’m feeling better but still taking it easy and going to bed early.


2/7:  Got in an early morning workout – shoveled the driveway and actually worked up a sweat in -8 degrees!

2/8:  Work and then home for a relaxing evening with hubby.

2/9:  Body pump class first thing.  Then Dray and I sat in the hot tub.  After a big breakfast we went sledding in the neighborhood.  We went to a couple different nearby parks to check out the sledding hills before going to dinner at Ramen.


2/10: I won a down jacket from Happy Goat Lucky – so I had to get a picture of it!  I love it!  I especially love the fur trim!  It was a relaxing day in the hot tub and Dray made a delicious crab boil for dinner.

2/11:  Body pump class after work.

2/12:  25 minutes on the Elliptical machine after work.  After a dip in the hot tub, I gave Dray a massage.

2/13: Dray and I went to a Valentines Day Meet up at Edward Jones before heading to Body Pump class and enjoying a dip in the hot tub there.


2/14:  Dray and I enjoyed Valentines Day by eating dinner at The Post restaurant in Lafayette. We met two couples there and really had fun!

2/15: I got on the elliptical for 20 minutes after work.  Ate too much yesterday!

2/16:  Body pump class first thing.  Then hubby and I got in the hot tub there, then home to enjoy a nice breakfast.  I cleaned house a little while Dray made fried rice and BBQ pork. Our friends daughter, Kaitlyn, came over to spend the weekend.  We watched the Hate you Give movie.  It is really good.  We went to the Denver airport at 9:00 pm to pickup Dray’s 3 boys.  Winter school break!

2/17:  We enjoyed a nice breakfast. Kaitlyn and I went shopping a little.  We got in the hot tub and froze our ears off!  Almost!  It was windy and around 20 degrees.  Then we watched Bridesmaids movie.

2/18:  President’s Day.  I watched Dray’s son with cerebral palsy during the day.  Dray and I went to the Community Center for Body pump and a dip in the hot tub that evening.


2/19:  Back to work.  Dray picked up Chinese for dinner. Yum!  I got on the elliptical for 30 minutes after dinner.  The sun starting to set over the Rocky Mountains was so pretty.  Hard to capture from my Jeep window…while driving. :}


2/20:  After work I got on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  Then we took a group of under-privileged kids to see Into the Spider-verse movie.  It was really good and I’m not one to usually go to super hero/cartoon type movies.  This movie had a much deeper message about overcoming and believing in yourself.

2/21:  After work I went to Body Pump class, then home for our monthly Skype call with friends that used to be neighbors.  One friend moved to Hawaii and one to San Diego.  So this is how we keep up with each other!

2/22:  Dray’s middle son turned 21 years old today!  He has cerebral palsy and he is our baby – he is the size of a 5 year old and mentally a baby.  So, on his birthday, we gave him all the Doritos he wanted, let him get in the hot tub (his favorite activity) and gave him extra love!

2/23:  We went to body pump class and then the whole family went sledding.  It was so much fun!

2/24:  Day at home cleaning the house and relaxing.  Dray’s 3 boys (my step-sons) in pics above.

2/25: Dray took his 2 younger sons back to Georgia today – winter school break is over. I went to body pump class after work.

2/26:  Work and then home.

2/27: After work we packed for Trinidad vacation.

2/28:  We flew to Houston and then to Port of Spain, Trinidad to visit friends for Carnival.  It was 9 hours of flights.  I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and Can You Forgive me on the plane to Trinidad. Both very good films.

Be sure to watch for my Sentence a Month next month so you can see more pics from Carnival in Trinidad…and much more.

Hope you had a good month – thanks for reading my blog post. xo, Cindy








What I wore this week 2/17 – 2/23/19


Monday: Puffer love.  Wearing a red puffer with fur trim from Happy Goat Lucky. Red puffer from Happy Goat Lucky


Tuesday:  Hippy Chic.  Wearing a new black jumpsuit by Z Supply from Daisy’s Boutique in Jasper, GA.  Black jumpsuit from Z Supply  My sweater is by Free People (purchased last year).  Doc Marten combat boots are new from DSW.  Doc Marten combat boots at DSW

A0DE7374-30A5-4982-855B-A7BAC58B383EWednesday:  Change in perspective!  Wearing a black chenille sweater from H&M, black cropped pants from TJ Maxx and white boots by Steve Madden from DSW.  White boots at DSW


Thursday:  Extra!  Wearing leopard on leopard on leopard!  Shopped my closet for all things leopard. Faux fur coat from Forever 21, leopard scarf from Amazon, leopard pixie pants from Old Navy.  White boots from Target.  Leopard hat is over 10 years old!


Friday:  Stripes on the snow!  I’m wearing a sweater by C&C California from TJ Maxx  with Express distressed denim Express distressed denim  Red sock boots are from Zara.  My gloves are from Marshall’s.  My pink hat is from Target.  The vintage brooch is a little covered up – I can’t remember where I got it – but I love it! Nothing really new here – Express keeps these jeans in the inventory – mine are over a year old.

Hope your week was wonderful!  xo Cindy

Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado

I’ve been spoiled.  I’ll admit it.  Well…let me explain because my spoiling doesn’t come without a little sacrifice.  My husband travels a lot for business and because he travels a lot, he is a Marriott Titanium Elite Rewards Member.  To get to this level means he has spent over 75 nights in the last year at a Marriott owned hotel. That’s a lot of days away from home.

My husband chose The Brown Palace Hotel because it is now owed by Marriott.  Plus it is a historic hotel with a great reputation.  In fact, the hotel has been around since August, 1892.  In 1860 Mr. Henry Brown purchased this triangular shaped plot of land in Denver to graze his cow.  He built a triangular shaped building made from Colorado red granite and Arizona sandstone. You can read more about the hotel on it’s website.  The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver


The Brown Palace is located in downtown Denver and easy walking distance to the Capital, Civic Center Park, shopping on 16th Avenue, Paramount Theater, etc.

I’m collaborating with Jodi’s on her recent stay at The Brown Palace so you can get two blogger’s perspective.  Check out Jodi’s blog by clicking this link.   Jodi’s Touch of Style

During the Great Depression, the top two floors of The Brown Palace were converted into Apartments.  Today, these top two floors are home to the Top of the Brown Guestrooms and Suites, designed in Art Deco style.  You can see the glass brick indicating the top floors in the picture above of the lobby chandelier.  Below you can see me “on the phone” at the elevator and in front of the glass brick.


We were invited to the Nativ Hotel Grand Opening party in Downtown Denver.  So, it was my husband’s idea to make it a staycation in Denver!

We drove 18 miles south of our home to The Brown Palace.  The hotel lobby is open all the way to the top, it breathtakingly beautiful and there is live music performing in the lobby restaurant.  Upon checking in, we were upgraded to The Beetles Suite. I’ve never been in a suite like this! It had a living room, a bedroom, a bath and a half, and many gorgeous windows with a fantastic views of downtown.  No kidding, this suite could be an apartment!


Wow – it was so fun!  In this suite there are pictures of the Beetles on the walls, Beetles coffee table books and a Juke Box that played only Beetles songs!  They have a framed picture of the Beetles arriving at the Brown Palace Hotel in 1964.

We arrived in Denver in the afternoon. We walked to the Taste of Colorado Festival in Civic Center Park.  Later that night, we went to the Nativ hotel grand opening (picture below), via Uber.  After arriving back to the hotel, via Uber, we walked to 16th Street Mall, around midnight, to enjoy a late dinner at the Yard House restaurant (open until 1:00 am).

The next day we slept in late.  Enjoyed room service for breakfast using his free breakfast vouchers.  We ordered more than the vouchers value, but that’s okay. 😉  I read all about the Beetles and we listened to the jute box all morning.  We had a late check out before heading home. My husband’s status allows us to stay until 4:00 pm. Now that’s a late check out!

The next stay at The Brown Palace was when we attended the Denver Fashion Week Fashion Show.  Again, my husband suggested we make it a staycation and he booked a room.  We were upgraded to the Roosevelt Suite.  Yes, Theodore Roosevelt stayed at The Brown Palace in 1905. This room was so elegant!  It starts with the entry to the room with the arched doorway, rich wood floors, a dining room, the presidential desk and canopy bed were all gorgeous! The pictures are a bit dark, but I think you can get the idea here…



Again we enjoyed a very late check out and a delicious room service breakfast.  I especially love sitting in the extremely deep window frames and watching the downtown hustle and bustle. Overall, it was so relaxing to have no responsibilities or agendas.

The most recent time we stayed at The Brown Palace, was when we were going to see  Amadeus, the movie, with the Colorado Symphony.  Again, my husband made it a staycation opportunity! Upon arrival, we were offered free champagne at check in. We were upgraded to the Royal Suite. 850 square feet in this suite, the same in size as the other 2 suites we stayed in.  We walked to dinner and then took Uber to the Performing Arts Center.



And again we had a very late check out and enjoyed a delicious room service breakfast.8f092d18-5602-45e4-a943-03f864847c33-e1550610703590.png

This is our typical order from room service for breakfast.  We share everything and usually it’s really more of a brunch and it holds us over until dinner.

I can’t speak to the hotel restaurants, the spa, the fitness center or the historic tour offered to guests. I can tell you the staff was extremely courteous.  The food for room service was perfect! The suites were fantastic and more than you even imagine!  The hotel doesn’t have a pool or hot tub – you can enjoy special soak in the spa, which draws from the natural artesian well, located 750 feet beneath the hotel.

I look forward to staying at The Brown Palace Hotel again in the future.  Maybe next time we will get the Reagan or Eisenhower Suite?  But seriously, if I never stay at this hotel again, our experience was luxurious and totally indulgent!  I truly felt spoiled and it felt good!  Thanks to my loving husband for the great idea to have a staycations and generously sharing his travel perks for us to have so much fun together and creating experiences that I’ll never forget.  Here we are pictured at each events mentioned above.



What do you think?  Want to give The Brown Palace at try?  Let me know what you think.

xo, Cindy



What I wore this week 2/10 – 2/16/18


Sunday:  Warm in Down.  Wearing my new down jacket with fur trim from Happy Goat Lucky. This is the Maxine style jacket.  Red down jacket by Happy Goat Lucky


Monday:  Scene from Frozen.  It was very cold morning and we started getting some snow on the way to work. I’m wearing a black turtleneck sweater dress from Victoria Secret (more than 10 years old) with a black long duster by Free People.  Black combat boots from Amazon.  My necklace is a Tourmaline gem specially made by Modern Sage Designs. Modern Sage Designs  Click the link to check out her wonderfully made pieces.


Tuesday:  What is that?  It’s a tye dye snood scarf with fringe by Tolani.  I received this scarf from my sister/niece over 10 years ago.  Now that tye dye is back in style, I’ll be wearing it again! Black dress from Zara.  Black sock boots by Mia from DSW – worn with black lace socks.


Wednesday:  Feeling the love.  I’m wearing red and blue print pants from Banana Republic Outlet (last year’s purchase) with a blue short sleeved sweater and a red print coat from Boden that is many years old.  Red pumps and red lips complete the look!


Thursday:  Valentines Day.  Wearing a jean jacket from Stitch Fix (years ago) with black ponte pants (years and years old) with a white tee that I had a lips patch sewn on.  Lip patch is from Amazon.  Lips patch on Amazon  Red sock boots are from Zara (couple years old).


Friday:  Ahhh, the golden hour!  I’m wearing a free people sweater (years old), Dear John distressed jeans from Daisy’s Boutique in Jasper, GA and Sorel boots (a gift from my sister).

Hope you had a lovely week!  Thank you for reading my blog!  Your comments are appreciated. xo, Cindy