Forever Fierce Campaign 2018

This Forever Fierce blog is about some of my most favorite fierce women EVER!  This blog is about my sisters!  How awesome that all 4 of us are over the age of 50 and all of us are fierce in our own way!  We all are fierce because we were raise by a very strong mother.  My dad has often said that my mom was the original bra burner – always believed in women’s rights and equality.  She inspired us to be independent, adventurous and confident with an inner strength.  Read along and you’ll see, our family is almost all women!

Pictured below from left to right:  Sherry, Cindy, Valerie, Karen


Here is a throwback picture of us in 1981.   We were all born and raised in Florida.  Can’t get away from swimsuit pictures!

Pictured below from left to right:  Cindy, Valerie, Karen, Sherry


First I want to introduce you to the eldest of the us 4, Karen.  Karen is 64 and lives in Jacksonville, FL and Crossville, TN (a snowbird).  Karen is the mother of twin girls, now 35 years old.


Karen believes that being fierce at this age in life means having the determination to live your life as you feel it should be.  Being true to your faith and beliefs.  Karen is a strong supporter of the people she loves, always there to encourage with kind words.

Next, is Sherry, who is 61 years old.  Sherry is currently living in Hurley, Mississippi. Sherry is the mother of two girls, ages 34 and 30, and one grand daughter that is 1.


Midlife brought me confidence to go outside my comfort zone and no longer be fearful of life or failure!  I reached midlife realizing that I have spent my life trying to please other people and although I loved every minute of it; I now have to pave my own path and put aside my fear of failure of experiencing life to it’s fullest!

I’m number 3.  My name is Cindy, I’m 55 years old.  I live in Erie, Colorado.  I am the mother of the only boy in the family, who died 11 years ago at the age of 22 in a motorcycle accident. The sorrow and despair after his death was paralyzing.  I honestly feel that God is blessing me with peace and true happiness after such a devastating loss. No hurt will ever measure to this.  My pain has made me a warrior.


I believe being fierce at this age is knowing who you are, what you love, what you believe in and having the confidence to not compromise on these truths.  To completely value being you!

Lastly, is Valerie, who is 53.  Valerie is from Jasper, Georgia.  She is the mom to several lucky 4 legged furry babies. 127EB0FC-1B21-4316-BDF1-A5AA0E857989

Valerie believes that being fierce is having the confidence, strength, and ability to do what brings you satisfaction and joy. To live life to the fullest while achieving your dreams both professionally and personally.

Pictured below from left to right:  Sherry, Cindy, Valerie, Karen


Another throwback to 1983.  Pictured below from left to right:  Cindy, Sherry, Karen, Valerie


Our fierce family of women began with this fierce lady…our mom.  Mom died 1.5 years ago.  Her legacy is lived through us and our children.

A bathroom selfie with Mom!  Left to right:  Sherry, Mom, Cindy, Karen, Valerie.


Pictured below is our mom.  The first picture is her at age 16 (yes, she falsified her birth records and joined the Air Force at age 16).  This is her in boot camp.




I hope my blog of my family has inspired you!  Be fierce in life ladies – you only have one life to live.    Be YOU boldly!



xo, Cindy

16 thoughts on “Forever Fierce Campaign 2018

  1. This was the best read, Cindy. I love that your family is the inspiration behind all of your fierceness and that you included everyone including your mom!!
    Thanks for joining us in this campaign, and being so Fabulous and Fierce!!


  2. Amazing read, bless you and your friends. How lovely to have such firm, long term friends. I’m sending you a hug too – such a tragic time that you have come through. xxx


  3. This is all kinds of amazing! How wonderful to have such a close relationship with your sisters. You are all inspiring and I loved reading about you.


  4. Cindy, I am nearing the end of visiting all 50 posts in this campaign and yours is my favorite! I love that you featured your actual sisters! That is so beautiful. And what an amazing woman your mother clearly is. Your personal story brought tears to my eyes…and it is clear that you are a fierce warrior indeed. So glad that you are part of this midlife revolution!



    • Thank you so much Shelbee for your comments! I so appreciate them! My Mom is the definition of fierce! 🙂 Her 4 daughters are not quite as fierce as she was! I didn’t want to be a strong warrior, but sometimes we aren’t given many options! So you dig deep and face each day head on!

      Much love,


  5. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your fierce family! Your mom began quite the legacy with her own fierce ways as a teenager! As you know far too well, being fierce sometimes isn’t a choice but a way of survival. You are blessed with a loving family and husband. We all need women like you to feel embraced by our similarities, yet inspired by our differences. XO, Lisa


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